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It's over, mang.
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22nd-Mar-2012 08:22 pm - What's one way
to off myself?

I want it to be quick and painless.
22nd-Mar-2012 07:57 pm - Why don't I
just drop out of school to become a janitor, servant, or slave.

I've been assigned to mow the lawn and clean the bathroom (behind the toilet and the bathtub) tomorrow.

I'm obviously not a student, but a slave.
22nd-Mar-2012 06:57 pm - Angry and Mad
They don't believe me and call me lazy within seconds.
sail away~~
I am so angry and disappointed in the adults in the family that I cried in the shower. I cried so much and so hard that I could actually feel the pain in my chest.

I was going to write a really long rant post, but my thoughts are all tangled up and I can't put what I want to say into words.

But I can write one thing: What do they think I'm doing up here in Denton that they threaten me by saying that I have to live at home next year?
I will always remember this that they said to Naomi and I: "It's not you we don't trust. It's other people."

Lies. Lies, lies, LIES.


Oh, I just remembered 3 things I was going to say...

1. Since Naomi is going to college next year, they're making me stay home so that they can use me to do stuff for them, and as a scapegoat.
2. Even at 21 years of age, I'm not old enough to make my own decision regarding where I want to live?
3. Maybe if I died then everything would be better for the family. I thought of hanging which is a quick death, and then I turned towards the shower head and wished that the water would drown me.

I've gone crazy, and guess whose fault that is.
12th-Feb-2012 09:38 pm - Facebook
Log into Facebook. Remember that no one cares about you. Log back out.
7th-Feb-2012 10:43 pm - Yay!
epic cupcakes!
Some of the things that I recently purchased came in the mail today! For some reason I was wondering whether my fan-designed U-Kiss shirt had come yet, I mean, it was the first thing that was shipped out, and so I decided to stop by the school's post office on my way to A&P lab.

Imagine my joy and excitement when I opened my mail box and saw that I had a tube in it! I knew that that was the TVXQ Lacoste magazine. And to my surprise, there was also a key with a note attached to it saying that I had a package to take out of one of the larger mail boxes!

Since it was my first time receiving mail here, I was a little lost while trying to find the right mail box but I eventually saw it and rushed over, pushing the key into place. The box unlocked, and I opened it to see two packages inside! They were both soft, so I figured they were the t-shirts I had bought (Block B's official black shirt and the fan-designed U-Kiss shirt). I was so excited to open my packages that I got mad at myself for forgetting to bring my scissors, but I went over to the student development office and asked if I could borrow a pair of scissors. Haha.

So I opened the packages real quick while being careful not to accidentally cut anything I shouldn't. Too bad I couldn't really look at the items because I had to go to class, but I managed to get a good look at each of them when I got back here to the dorm a few hours ago. I took pictures, too, and although they're crappily taken, I'm going to post them anyway, lol.

This is the package that the U-Kiss shirt came in (from Spreadshirt). And no, the front and back were not two different shades, lol. I thought it was cute because it seems to coincide with Valentine's Day (the pattern is tiny hearts) but I don't know if their packages are always like this or what. xD

Here's the shirt all wrapped up.

And here is the full shirt after I took off the wrapping. It seems big in the pictures, but in RL it seems kind of small. But I chose a women's medium so I guess I shouldn't complain. Anyway, don't you just love the design? I thought it was so clever, so that's why I had to buy the shirt.

This is the package that the Block B shirt came in (from Kpoptown).

Here it is in its wrapper. It was folded.

And here it is unfolded, but still in its wrapper.

And here it is after I've taken off the wrapper. Like the U-Kiss shirt, it seems big in the pictures, but in RL it seems kind of small. This one, however, is a large. But I guess "Large" in Korea must be different from the American "Large." Am I glad I decided to get this size instead of a medium.

More pictures of the shirt. This time, hanging on my desk, so I can show you the back.

Now this here is the tube that the TVXQ magazine came in. I was happy about it until...

I saw the dent. There was a dent on the tube, right by my name and address. It's not deep, but it made me worried about the magazine.

This was the opening of the tube. It was taped all around earlier, but I had removed the tape while over at the student union building. The other end of the tube was exactly the same, so I could have opened from that end, too. You pull the lid up and...

Voila! This was what the inside looked like. The magazine had its own wrapper, and I was happy to see that.

The magazine out of its tube.

And here's the magazine! It's not exactly a magazine, but I don't know what else to call it. Catalog wouldn't be right, because they're not selling anything. It's a TVXQ photoshoot, so...I'm calling it a magazine. :P The magazine is quite big, and although it got ruined from someone putting it into the wrapper not very carefully, I'm glad Kpoptown shipped it in a tube. It would've gotten a lot more damage if it had been sent in a regular package/envelope type of thing.

I haven't tried on the t-shirts yet, but I will eventually. Hopefully they fit.

Now that's the end of me talking about the items that arrived today! Here's a photo of my kitty to end this post. ^_^

30th-Jan-2012 09:02 pm - What I Bought Today
On Kpoptown:
TVXQ - Lacoste New York with TVXQ Brochure = $8.90
Block B - Official White Silver Printing T-shirt (Black) = $26.90
+ shipping = $10.90
= $46.70

On idolized.spreadshirt.com:
U-Kiss Don't Deny Our R^2Pi Women's Standard Weight T-shirt = $12.99
+ shipping = $4.50
= $17.49

On YesAsia:
U-Kiss - Mini Vol. 5 Bran New KISS (CD + DVD) (Taiwan Special Edition) = $21.99
Block B - Mini Album Vol. 2 Welcome to the BLOCK (Limited Edition) = $24.99
+ shipping = none, b/c I got FREE shipping, woohoo!
= $46.98

Omgahh, seeing the totals is making me feel nauseated right now.
22nd-Jan-2012 09:50 pm - Dang
Both Tumblr and Twitter are down.

30th-Dec-2011 12:04 pm - Anticipation
Groups (debuts and new music) I am anticipating in 2012, in order:

1. B.A.P
2. Teen Top
3. Dalmatian
4. U-Kiss
5. Block B
6. Infinite
7. Pledis Boys
8. Exo

I wonder if I'm forgetting anything. Hmm.

I don't know if it's because of the lack of teasers or whatever, but my excitement for Exo has decreased quite a bit. SM needs to reveal the other members of Exo instead of showing us Kai all the time. Not that I don't like Kai or anything, but it's a group which means there are other members and not just Kai.
25th-Dec-2011 06:55 pm - Additions
Went to H-Mart today (it's open on Christmas, and according to the sign on the door, it's open everyday, including holidays) and I stopped by Hello Fancy to see what K-pop stuff they currently have. I ended up getting 2 albums, DBSK's "Mirotic" (Type C)--so it's now off of my list, yay--and Infinite's "Over The Top." They were both so expensive, gah. But not as expensive as JYJ's "In Heaven," of course.

Since I got a Super Junior poster (of their 5th album, "Mr. Simple") from the Hen, the album was practically screaming at me to get it while I was at Hello Fancy, but I ended up not getting it. They had 2 copies, and it was the same price as the "Mirotic" album (25.99), so I was thinking maybe it'll be cheaper online. I like SuJu but I'm not crazy over them so I've decided to do a giveaway on Tumblr. However, how silly would it be to do a giveaway with just the poster? That's why I need to buy the album.
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