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It's over, mang.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday 
28th-Nov-2012 01:01 am
Here's what I purchased on Black Friday (last week) and Cyber Monday (yesterday).

100_29 004
A brown leather jacket at Sears. I was going to pay for this with my school debit card but when I was putting my pin number in it kept telling me that it was wrong. So Mom decided to buy it for me, along with...

100_29 006
A pair of lace-up boots. More photos of the boots at different angles below...

100_29 009100_29 008100_29 010
I will be paying her back when I go home.

Then yesterday, even though I had been wanting a tablet, I decided to buy a new iPod touch since I couldn't find any tablets that I really wanted and because I imagined toting it around and that didn't sit well with me. I also looked at cellphones but I can't buy a new one for obvious reasons. -__- So I went ahead and put a 16gb white iPod touch in my shopping cart on Walmart but when I clicked to proceed to check-out, the page would just not load. When I checked again after my shower, that iPod had been sold out. I was so mad. But then I thought to check Best Buy and thank God they still had that same one in stock, and it was cheaper, too. I chose store pick-up so I could have it ASAP. I went to pick it up after classes were over.

100_29 001
After I picked it up, I looked for a case for it and found this one. It's so cute I had to get it~
(I used my school debit card to pay and the card kept being denied until the lady told me to try canceling the pin part and it worked. o.o)

The bad thing I noticed is that there are barely any cases for the 4th generation iPod touch now, but there are plenty for the 5th generation. There were some really nice ones, too. Soo not fair. I would've bought the 5th generation but it's too expensive ($230-something?). OTL

OH, I also bought a new backpack (a rucksack like I've always wanted, ehehe) from YesStyle, since I need a new backpack and they were having a sale on Cyber Monday. I got it for 40% off, I think? Anyway, I sent it to Naomi's address so I should be getting it next time I see her.

And that is it for all my purchases!
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