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It's over, mang.
7th-Sep-2012 03:36 pm
I went shopping at Vista Ridge with Dalena today. I bought 3 tops, 1 dress, a bra that looks like a bandage type of thing, and a pair of flats. Oh, and before she arrived, I bought some things at Bath & Body Works.

I spent over $126 in all. /crying

And I didn't even buy everything that I wanted. TT__TT  /crying some more


Oh yeah, I had gotten a chai tea latte from Oasis Cafe and it was so good but so hot, so I couldn't drink it quickly enough. (I had ordered an ICED chai but the guy forgot. -___-) So I was carrying it with me to Charlotte Russe, I put it down on this empty piece of metal where clothes were hung, and while I was sifting through the clothes, the piece of metal tilted and I reached out to save my drink but I couldn't. It fell straight down to the floor and the top fell off so it made a huge puddle on the floor. I was so embarrassed and mad at myself. Thankfully, it only got onto one of the dresses (Dalena and I checked more than once) so Dalena quickly moved the dress to another rack to hide it. Then I went to tell the employees because I felt so bad about it, plus I couldn't just leave the mess. The guy who was working was really nice about it, and he cleaned it up for me. He even said that it smelled good, and asked which drink it was, haha. God bless him.
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