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It's over, mang.
My K-pop Collection 
12th-Apr-2012 06:44 am
I will update this as I add (buy) more things. OTL

DGNA - Awake
U-Kiss - Break Time
ZE:A - Lovability
BEAST - Lights Go On Again
Infinite - Evolution
Big Bang - Tonight (Special Edition)
U-Kiss - Neverland
B1A4 - It B1A4
Infinite - Paradise (Repackaged)
THSK - Tone
DBSK - Mirotic
DBSK - Mirotic (Type C)
JYJ - In Heaven (Special Edition, Red Ver. w/ DVD)
Infinite - Over The Top
TVXQ - Lacoste brochure
Block B - Welcome To The Block (Limited Edition)
U-Kiss - Bran New Kiss (Taiwan Special Edition. w/ DVD)
Big Bang - Alive
B1A4 - Ignition
EXO-K - High Cut issue
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