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It's over, mang.
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7th-Feb-2013 10:46 pm - Today's Purchases
So today I went to Rue21 and Ulta. I spent quite a bit of time at both, though I spent more time at Ulta than Rue21. I had actually planned to get a new article of clothing before I went to Rue21 but I couldn't find anything that I really wanted. However, I love looking to see what new jewelry/accessories they have so I went over to the other side to take a look. That's when I spotted these and knew I had to buy them.

The first ring is a red heart and a cross, the second ring says 'wish,' and the third ring says 'hope.'
(Sorry for the crappy photo. I used my iPod to take the photos this time because my camera is at home.)

Well, I tried them on and unfortunately, they only fit my pinky. I have huge fingers. -.- They didn't have any other sizes for these rings, either. I was bummed about it, but I still got them because these rings are too cute to not get. I don't mind wearing rings on my pinky; I just wish they had my size. ;--;

Then I went to Ulta and I think I was there for about an hour? It was the longest time I had ever spent at any Ulta I've been to. I had the hardest time deciding what to buy. I changed my mind several times and ended up buying the following:

NYX's Super Skinny Eye Marker in Carbon Black and Smashbox's Be Legendary Lipsticks in 'Tempt Me' and 'Melondrama'

I have yet to try these products so I don't know what they're like. The reviews I've read are mixed, but there are more good reviews than bad ones, so I hope I made the right decision in buying them. It was my first time buying lipsticks that cost more than $10 (which I'd thought I would never do) so these better be gooood.

By the way, I love the box that the 'Tempt Me' lipstick comes in. It's adorable!
17th-Jan-2013 10:39 pm - [Kris/Suho] The Perfect Present
Remember the Christmas Leadership one-shot I had been planning? It took me a while to write, but I managed to finish it either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So I'm gonna copy it from Google Drive to here. It's cliche-y and corny but whatever.

Title: The Perfect Present
Type: one-shot
Words: 2115
Rating: PG-13

'Where the heck is he?' Yixing wonders, checking his watch and tapping his foot nervously. He is sure that he's annoying the other customers in the cafe but he doesn't really care.
Read more...Collapse )
12th-Dec-2012 09:46 pm - Disappointed
Making two entries tonight since they're completely different topics.
The first thing I'm gonna talk about is Del Taco.

So last week I tried Del Taco since I had been eyeing it for some time and after checking out their website one day, I decided to go. Their website made the food look and sound good, so I thought why not. I went there and ordered combo number 15, I think, which was two potato burritos with chili cheese fries. The cashier asked me which sauce I wanted, the red or the green, and I asked her which one tasted better. She said she didn't know, but she personally liked the green. I hesitated and she said that I could try both, one on each burrito, so I agreed to that. I got my food to-go and brought it back to the apartment.

I ate the chili cheese fries first, because fries are best when they are still warm. They were great. They were so great, in fact, that I finished the whole thing pretty quickly, haha. Now onto the burritos. The first burrito I ate was with the red sauce. I could barely taste the sauce. I even peeked inside the burrito and didn't see much of it. I hate it when restaurants and fast food places skimp on condiments/salsa/sauces/etc. I managed to eat it all, though. The second burrito was with the green sauce, and I expected to taste it when I bit into the burrito. But no. I didn't taste any sauce at all, but all I tasted was lettuce. For some reason, this potato burrito had lettuce and tomatos in it. Not that I mind, but it's weird since the first potato burrito didn't. But I mean, it tasted kind of odd with the potato and beans or whatnot, AND NO FREAKIN' SAUCE WHICH MEANS NO FLAVOR, so I couldn't finish it. -.-

But I didn't want to give up on Del Taco. I thought that next time I would go and try their nachos. So today I went, and ordered combo number 12, which was the Macho Nachos with a drink. I decided to eat there today since I was already hungry. The guy even brought the tray with the plate of nachos to me at the table I was standing at and told me, "You enjoy now." I thought that was a little strange... Until I started eating and I realized what he might have meant. The nachos had ground beef, beans, cheese, tomatos, and jalapenos on them. Which doesn't sound that bad, right? But no. It was bad. Everything just tasted bitter and wrong. I don't even know why. I don't know if it's because of the way they make their food, like the ingredients they use, or if it's because I'm used to nachos I've eaten before, like at home or at Taco Bell. But their nachos tasted just so bitter and completely weird. I wanted to give up eating, but I tried to eat as much as I could since I had spent money on it.

So I've learned my lesson. I'm not giving Del Taco anymore chances. I'm never gonna go back there again.
2nd-Dec-2012 04:28 pm(no subject)
One girl acts like alcoholism is something to be proud of.

The other is still a compulsive liar. She also posts risque photos of herself on her Tumblr.

Even with my own problems, I feel like I'm the only sane one.
29th-Nov-2012 09:39 pm - K-pop Festival
TVXQ (HoMin) went to Vietnam the other day and performed yesterday for the K-pop Festival in Hanoi.
I'm glad they attended because it was their first time in Vietnam, but I'm sad because I wasn't there. T__T
They weren't the only groups, ofc. There were a lot of groups that performed. B1A4 and Teen Top are the other groups I love that attended and performed.
Teen Top even did a cover of "Beo Dat May Troi"! It was so touching because they sang in Vietnamese and I've never seen/heard another Korean group do that. (Aside from V4Men, I think they were called?) Their Vietnamese wasn't the best, but they practiced really hard and they definitely tried their best. I have to applaud Changjo's Vietnamese though, it was pretty good.

TVXQ said that they regret not having come to Vietnam until now, and they want to come back often.

Apparently V-Cassies were very dedicated and enthusiastic. They cheered very loudly, and when TVXQ was performing, they sang along and even rapped along with the boys. T~T I wanna be a part of the Red Sea some day, too.


I'm currently multi-tasking, doing coursework and surfing around on the Internet, because I'm staying up to watch the Mnet MAMA awards. It'll be livestreaming at 2AM so I have a lot of time to kill... But I voted for Exo-K for Best Rookie so I need to watch to see if they win. /crosses fingers
28th-Nov-2012 01:01 am - Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Here's what I purchased on Black Friday (last week) and Cyber Monday (yesterday).

100_29 004
A brown leather jacket at Sears. I was going to pay for this with my school debit card but when I was putting my pin number in it kept telling me that it was wrong. So Mom decided to buy it for me, along with...

100_29 006
A pair of lace-up boots. More photos of the boots at different angles below...

100_29 009100_29 008100_29 010
I will be paying her back when I go home.

Then yesterday, even though I had been wanting a tablet, I decided to buy a new iPod touch since I couldn't find any tablets that I really wanted and because I imagined toting it around and that didn't sit well with me. I also looked at cellphones but I can't buy a new one for obvious reasons. -__- So I went ahead and put a 16gb white iPod touch in my shopping cart on Walmart but when I clicked to proceed to check-out, the page would just not load. When I checked again after my shower, that iPod had been sold out. I was so mad. But then I thought to check Best Buy and thank God they still had that same one in stock, and it was cheaper, too. I chose store pick-up so I could have it ASAP. I went to pick it up after classes were over.

100_29 001
After I picked it up, I looked for a case for it and found this one. It's so cute I had to get it~
(I used my school debit card to pay and the card kept being denied until the lady told me to try canceling the pin part and it worked. o.o)

The bad thing I noticed is that there are barely any cases for the 4th generation iPod touch now, but there are plenty for the 5th generation. There were some really nice ones, too. Soo not fair. I would've bought the 5th generation but it's too expensive ($230-something?). OTL

OH, I also bought a new backpack (a rucksack like I've always wanted, ehehe) from YesStyle, since I need a new backpack and they were having a sale on Cyber Monday. I got it for 40% off, I think? Anyway, I sent it to Naomi's address so I should be getting it next time I see her.

And that is it for all my purchases!
29th-Sep-2012 11:49 am - ...
It's okay, I don't have feelings anyway.
7th-Sep-2012 03:36 pm - Soo...
I went shopping at Vista Ridge with Dalena today. I bought 3 tops, 1 dress, a bra that looks like a bandage type of thing, and a pair of flats. Oh, and before she arrived, I bought some things at Bath & Body Works.

I spent over $126 in all. /crying

And I didn't even buy everything that I wanted. TT__TT  /crying some more


Oh yeah, I had gotten a chai tea latte from Oasis Cafe and it was so good but so hot, so I couldn't drink it quickly enough. (I had ordered an ICED chai but the guy forgot. -___-) So I was carrying it with me to Charlotte Russe, I put it down on this empty piece of metal where clothes were hung, and while I was sifting through the clothes, the piece of metal tilted and I reached out to save my drink but I couldn't. It fell straight down to the floor and the top fell off so it made a huge puddle on the floor. I was so embarrassed and mad at myself. Thankfully, it only got onto one of the dresses (Dalena and I checked more than once) so Dalena quickly moved the dress to another rack to hide it. Then I went to tell the employees because I felt so bad about it, plus I couldn't just leave the mess. The guy who was working was really nice about it, and he cleaned it up for me. He even said that it smelled good, and asked which drink it was, haha. God bless him.
1st-May-2012 10:21 pm - Today was the day...
that Exo fans broke Tumblr because of an Exo-K photoshoot (the 10asia one).

Come on, Tumblr, get your crap together, please.
12th-Apr-2012 06:44 am - My K-pop Collection
I will update this as I add (buy) more things. OTL

DGNA - Awake
U-Kiss - Break Time
ZE:A - Lovability
BEAST - Lights Go On Again
Infinite - Evolution
Big Bang - Tonight (Special Edition)
U-Kiss - Neverland
B1A4 - It B1A4
Infinite - Paradise (Repackaged)
THSK - Tone
DBSK - Mirotic
DBSK - Mirotic (Type C)
JYJ - In Heaven (Special Edition, Red Ver. w/ DVD)
Infinite - Over The Top
TVXQ - Lacoste brochure
Block B - Welcome To The Block (Limited Edition)
U-Kiss - Bran New Kiss (Taiwan Special Edition. w/ DVD)
Big Bang - Alive
B1A4 - Ignition
EXO-K - High Cut issue
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